The National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is dedicated to collaboration and creative thinking in the area of small business development. The center is based out of Rochester, New York with an office in Cincinnati, Ohio and focuses on three areas to meet the needs of those small businesses and entrepreneurs that it supports:

Public Education By working with other non-for profits, universities and the business community, the center contributes to managing educational programs to promote small business development to help businesses become successful.
Formation of Incubators for local small business incubators . The center partners with a California based Start-up to build a collaborative online tool to communicate as well as an educational focused incubation program, starting in the fall of 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

Research The center studies the areas of collaboration in small business creation and various other areas of job growth. This research is published in both popular resources as well as academic journals.